About us

We, Kanagawa Human Rights Advocacy Center for Psychiatric Health (Call us “KP”), aim to create the psychiatric services that people can take comfortably and safely.

As a non-profit citizen group, for spreding psychiatric services which is no infringe on peoples’ rights, we make advocacy actions for human rights of people who are treated the psychiatric services in Kanagawa prefecture.

Who can get support

We support people who are having troubles at the psychiatric hospitals in Kanagawa. Neither inpatients nor outpatients, if you have concerns about yourself, relatives, or friends about the psychiatric hospitals, you can contact us.

How to get support

The ways to get support from us are below:

1. Call
We collaborate with Multilingual Support Center Kanagawa. They can listen to what is your problem by English and other 10 languages.

Multilingual Support Center Kanagawa
TEL 045-316-2770

Telephone and office hours:9:00~12:00/13:00~17:15
※Closed on Saturday, Sunday, New Year holidays.
※The consultation fee is free, but you have to pay the telephone bill.

2. E-mail
You can reach KP directly. We reply as soon as possible.


3. Letter
You can reach KP directly. We reply as soon as possible.

KP office:

Mori no Niwa wa-ku, 5-2-20 Fuji Building 2F, Mori, Isogo, Yokohama 235-0023

4. To see you at the hospital where you are.
Please contact us by e-mail or letter at first.

We will not open your information to the hospitals. We are volunteers so the consultation fee is free.

・Once we get your message, we will try to do our best, but sometimes we will not be able to visit you at the hospital soon due to various circumstances.  

・If you want to meet a lawyer, please let us know. The lawyer’s fee is free in most of the times, but you might be billed according to your income. We will tell you more information.

・When you contact us on the phone, call charges may apply.

・If you need a support in other languages, please let us know. We will do our best.

Our member

Our members We have many different types of member here! We are people with mental health disability, their families, social workers, staff at medical institutions, staff at educational institutions, journalists, lawyers, and people in communities.

Volunteer and Donation

We are always waiting for people who want to get involved with us, such as is wondering about Japanese psychiatric services, want to support for people with disabilities, have curiosity about human rights advocacy. If you are interested in these issues, you are always welcome to join us as a volunteer (included an interpreter), a donator, or both.

to become a Volunteer >>>
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About KP
Name Kanagawa Human Rights Advocacy Center for Psychiatric Health
Establishment May 16, 2020
Area Kanagawa prefecture, JAPAN

・Protect human rights of people with mental health diagnoses.

・Listen to each person and support in each way for making situations better.

・Create the psychiatric services that people can use comfortably.

・Make a process of leaving the hospital and living in the community.

・Bring each person’ s voice about the problems of the psychiatric services to society.

・Aiming for breaking out the stigma of having mental health disabilities.


・Consultation (Phone, Email, Letter, and Visiting)

・Applying for discharge, improving environments, or resolution of any concern at psychiatric hospitals

・Work in cooperation with lawyers

・Training volunteers

・Sending messages to society about human rights in psychiatric health


KP office:
Mori no Niwa wa-ku, 5-2-20 Fuji Building 2F, Mori, Isogo, Yokohama 235-0023

Phone +81-80-7295-8236 (Monday to Friday / 13:00~16:00)
E-mail mail[@]kp-jinken.org
Website https://kp-jinken.org